The Casa do Meio do Povo lies in the heart of the Alto Tâmega and Barroso region, within the hot springs triangle formed by Chaves, Vidago and Carvalhelhos. It is located right in the middle of the historical village of Redondelo, in the municipality of Chaves. The building is the product of the owners’ tireless dedication and efforts to bring some life back to a region forgotten by time, by restoring this magnificent granite building. It does justice to the local architecture, with its great architectural value, which Viçoso had described as “this historically important manor, linked to the agricultural life of the community, property of the Miranda e Bragança families from Bragança, dates back to 1725”. It is identified by its small Aviz crosses and by the four asymmetrical artistic pinnacles, making this building a landmark right in the middle of the silence of the land.
In the interior, however, granite gives way to wood, thus preserving the comfort of the environment. The decoration blends the classical and the contemporary, creating a cozy atmosphere, where the taste and personality of the owners are evident. It stands as an example to be followed in fighting against the desertification of the interior and for the preservation of the ARCHITECTURAL heritage, based on the concepts of well-being, quality and authenticity. This place provides serenity, time for reflection, the privilege of sharing unique moments or of simply doing nothing. It is surrounded by lush green vines and gardens, in absolute tranquility. Here, in the Meio da Casa do Povo , charm, good taste and comfort go hand in hand with the Transmontano traditions, shared with the family of the House. [-]